10 Low Taper Fade Haircuts for Men to Try in 2024

The low taper fade haircut has been a popular, stylish choice for men for years now, and it’s easy to see why. Clean yet versatile, this iconic cut features hair gradually fading from longer on top to closely trimmed near the neckline. For 2024, the low taper fade promises to continue leading men’s hair trends, with exciting modern takes on the classic style.

Blending New and Old

When barbers first started creating fade haircuts, they literally “faded” the hair with clippers from short to long. However, old school fades tended to be more severe and high-contrast. The modern low taper fade delivers a much more gradual, nuanced transition that retains length and shape through the sides for a flattering silhouette. By starting lower near the ear and curving cleanly around the hairline, today’s low taper fade remains subtle yet makes an impact.

Flattering Face Shapes

A major benefit of the low taper fade is its ability to complement and enhance a wide variety of face shapes. As celebrity stylist Miguel Anguel says, “Fades draw attention to facial structure, so they work well for accentuating angular jaws and higher cheekbones.” For men with rounder faces, the fade keeps fullness at the temples to prevent appearing too wide. The taper also minimizes a longer face. Ultimately, adjusting elements like the part, height and sharpness of the fade allows customization for each guy’s unique features.

Embracing Textures

Another great characteristic of the low taper fade is that it works beautifully with all hair textures. Coarse, curly hair can struggle with traditional short back and sides cuts. But the modern fade technique allows the natural volume on top to be showcased while keeping the neckline clean. The taper area in between then provides a perfect transitional space. Similarly, men with straight, thick or wavy hair textures can tailor fade sharpness and height to best match their growth patterns. There are no bad hair days with the taper fade!

Now that it’s clear why low taper fades deserve the hype, let’s check out 10 hot variations men can try for a fresh cut in 2024:

Slicked Back Low Taper Fade

Slicked Back Low Taper Fade

The slicked back taper fade remains a sophisticated go-to for gentlemen. Hair is brushed straight back off the face, then secured there with product. This smart style exudes confidence and polish. Ideally taller, the slicked back low taper pairs well with business or formal attire. It also works for casual wear during the early stages of growth between trips to the barber.

Textured Crop Low Taper Fade

Textured Crop Low Taper Fade

Cropped cuts with length and texture on top allow for more liberal styling. Hair can be worn naturally textured, pushed up or across. The cropped low taper fade similarly flatters diverse face shapes. Part it, sweep it or spike it up – this cut is great for guys wanting versatility. Just avoid making the fade too high around fuller faces. The lower taper keeps the look balanced.

Mid Fade with Hard Part

Mid Fade With Hard Part

Take the low taper fade to edgy new heights by incorporating a hard part. Barbers use clippers to cut a clean separation into the hair above one eyebrow. This creates a stronger focal point, directing all attention to the asymmetry. Pairing the defined side part with a slightly higher mid fade also adds striking contrast. It’s important that the crispness of the hard part matches the precision of the fade.

Low Taper Fade with Full Beard

Low Taper Fade With Full Beard

Gentlemen gifted with lush facial hair growth get to play with coupling their taper fade haircut with a beard. The most popular pairings tend to be short boxed beards or fuller styles left slightly longer. In both cases, ask your barber to edge and define the cheek line so it contrasts yet compliments your fade shape. Keeping your beard’s neckline clean, with lines curved to meet the fade is also key to seamlessly tying the two elements together.

Low Fade Pompadour

Low Fade Pompadour

The pompadour seems to evolve each decade, but keeps its retro dapper vibe. In recent years, combover variations with shaved sides have taken center stage. For 2024, try a more natural looking pomp with volume swept up and back. Blend this rise in front with a subtle low fade wrapping around the back. Not only does the taper keep edges neat, it makes the volume of the pomp seem even more pronounced. Just use product to control height for formal occasions.

Low Taper Fade with Curly Hair

Low Taper Fade With Curly Hair

Gentlemen with naturally curly or coily hair textures deserve trendy taper fades too. Embrace curls, coils or waves on top and ask your barber to trim the back and sides to accentuate your hair’s unique growth patterns. Define the upper temple area with curved line details. A polished yet natural-looking low taper fade lets curly hair take the spotlight, without sacrificing style.

Low Skin Fade + Line Up

Low Skin Fade + Line Up

Prefer an edgier finish? Then go for gold with the low skin fade. Ask your barber to trim the taper portion extremely close with clippers without the guard. This removes bulk and hair completely where skin shows through. Crisp yet chaotic textures on top contrast radically with the bare sides for daring dimension. Finish with a meticulous line up to define the hairline and this cut becomes a work of art.

Temp Fade with Hard Part

Temp Fade With Hard Part

Switching up the fade line can also create new excitement. Try keeping fullness at the temples while sharply tapering the sideburn portion in front of the ear and behind it. This temp fade concentrates definition both above and below the ear. Combine this with a hard side part to amplify the unexpected asymmetry even more. It’s an advanced look that’s sure to spark conversations about your skilled barber!

Messy French Crop + Low Fade

Messy French Crop + Low Fade

France gifted hair trends the textured crop with longer fringes brushed forward. Blending the voluminous yet disheveled French crop with a low taper fade grounds the look with precision. Allow the messy textures on top to sweep across your forehead to soften the eyes. Then embrace natural cowlicks blended into the temple fade area for sexy dimension. This unexpected clash of opposites just works!

Short Caesar Cut + Low Fade

Short Caesar Cut + Low Fade

The iconic Caesar cut also gets an intriguing reboot paired with the modern low taper fade. Traditionally, the Caesar features bangs cut straight across the forehead to create an intriguing horizontal line. Blend the bangs into slightly longer layers on top cut to around 2 inches max for a cropped finish. Balance out all those right angles with the curved arc of a subtle low taper fade wrapping around ears. This super short, straight-edged combo exudes bad boy attitude.

Choosing the Best Low Taper Fade

With so many on-trend low taper fade variants for men to consider in 2024, deciding on one option can seem overwhelming. As celebrity barber Schorey Carroll suggests, “I always ask clients about their personal style and lifestyle before customizing a fade shape and height.” No matter what exciting new fade technique emerges, the fundamental principles remain the same.

The lower portion should gradually taper hair length close to the skin near the neckline and never travel higher than the temples or middle of the ear. This keeps the look flattering. Next, determine if sharply defined vs. a more blurred fade best suits your hair type and growth patterns. Curly and coarse hair textures tend to look better with softer transitions. Finally, create contrast and intrigue by playing with a hard side part or shaved line. Feel free to provide photos of styles you like to make communication easy!

Long Live the Low Taper Fade

When executed skillfully, the iconic low taper fade haircut will keep men looking fashionably polished as well as effortlessly cool. Offering just enough edge to feel modern yet retaining professional versatility, this evergreen look promises to dominate men’s hair trends for 2024 and beyond. So embrace the low taper fade life – and make sure your barber hooks your cut up right!

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