15 Best Medium Length Hairstyles for Men in 2024

Medium length hair has become an increasingly popular choice for men who want a stylish look that is both professional and low-maintenance. Going into 2024, medium hairstyles will continue to be at the forefront of men’s hair trends, offering gentlemen everywhere the perfect balance of fashionable yet functional.

Whether you prefer wearing your hair straight, wavy, curly, or somewhere in between, there are endless styling possibilities when your locks hit around jaw-length. From the classic mid-fade to the textured crop to the bedhead wave, medium hairstyles allow guys to show off a bit of personality while still keeping things clean and professional.

If you’re considering growing out your hair or giving your current style a refresh, read on for 15 of the best medium length hairstyles for men to try in 2024.

The Textured Mid-Fade Cut

The Textured Mid Fade Cut

The textured mid-fade cut is set to be one of the most popular medium hairstyles for men in 2024. What sets this look apart is contrasting longer layers on top with closely cropped sides.

To style it, use a matte styling product to add height and definition while keeping strands soft and movable. This textured crop is versatile enough to wear professionally slicked back or casually disheveled. The closely tapered mid-fade also keeps things looking neat and tidy.

The Sculpted Pompadour Fade

The Sculpted Pompadour Fade

For gents wanting a bolder, more eye-catching 2024 look, consider the sculpted pompadour fade. This rock n’ roll inspired style combines a voluminous pompadour crest with shaved, fade cut sides.

Achieve this standout style by blow drying the lengthy pomp front upward and back, sweeping sides to the side. Finish with a strong hold pomade for all-day lift. Pair with edgier clothing pieces for a rebellious vibe.

The Straightened Brush Up

The Straightened Brush Up

The brushed up style isn’t new, but straightened iterations are emerging for 2024 with an edgy spin. After blow drying hair straight back, run pomade lightly through the ends and brush everything upward.

Let strands fall messily back down to finish off the brushed up look with an air of nonchalance. This adaptable style can be worn modestly or amplified into a faux hawk. It works nicely with the clean lines of a tapered neck and sides.

The Wispy Textured Crop

The Wispy Textured Crop

For gentlemen with naturally wavy or curly locks, the wispy textured crop should be on your 2024 hair radar. This shaggy, chin-length look has an undone feel that embraces texture beautifully.

After washing, define waves and curls with a curl cream or mousse, allowing strands to fall loosely as they dry naturally. Finish with a light texturizing spray for separation and movement. The wispy crop keeps curls manageable while allowing natural texture to shine through.

The Classic Side Part + Mid-Fade

The Classic Side Part + Mid Fade

Some looks stand the test of time, including the quintessential side-parted style. In 2024, the classic side part gets refreshed with a clean mid-skin fade on sides and back for a smart aesthetic.

It’s a handsome look on men with straight, wavy, or curly hair types. Use a comb to part and sweep longer top layers to one side while blow drying for a polished finish. This timeless, versatile style always makes a good impression.

The Piecey Undercut Crop

The Piecey Undercut Crop

Piecey, choppy medium hairstyles will rise to prominence in 2024, especially when paired with an undercut. Start by keeping hair longer and disconnected on top, tapering down sides and back sharply.

Style by working a matte styling putty through mid-lengths and ends, piecing strands in different directions for an intentionally messy look. The longer top balances out the strong undercut lines nicely.

The Flowing Surfer Style

The Flowing Surfer Style

Channel laidback surfer vibes in 2024 with longer, shoulder-grazing styles worn au naturel. Guys with straighter hair textures can easily achieve this breezy look.

After shampooing and conditioning, comb through a small amount of leave-in conditioner or smoothing serum. Let strands air dry without heat tools for soft, touchable texture with movement. Scrunch ends gently as needed.

The Textured French Crop

The Textured French Crop

Another shoulder-length look that will be big next year, the textured French crop, combines a short back and sides with a tousled top that falls messily to the shoulders.

It’s an undeniably cool style. Use sea salt spray and texturizing clay to enhance natural texture. Frequently twisting longer pieces around your finger adds definition. Let the cropped neckline contrast with the length on top.

The Volume-Boosted Man Bun

The Volume Boosted Man Bun

If you’re seeking a stylish way to tame longer hair in 2024, look no further than the volume-boosted man bun. Compared to low-riding buns, this fuller bun sits atop the crown for added lift.

Start by blow drying hair with volumizing mousse, brushing it straight back. Pull all of the hair together at the crown and secure it tightly with a hair tie, wrapping any loose ends around the base. Set with strong hold hairspray.

The Middle-Part Textured Lob

The Middle Part Textured Lob

Switch up your style in 2024 by embracing more non-traditional hair parts, like the center part. Pair it with textured, shoulder-skimming strands for a daring medium length style.

Work a texturizing serum evenly through damp hair before blow drying, using fingers to style the fringe down the middle. Twist pieces outward from the part using your fingers or a diffuser attachment for enhanced texture.

The Curly Temple Fade

The Curly Temple Fade

Gentlemen sporting curly mid-length locks have options too! In 2024, define spirals with a tapered temple fade haircut. Ask your barber to cut the sides and back short while leaving length on top for curls to spring up naturally.

Scrunch curl cream into towel dried hair and let air dry. If needed, diffuse gently to bolster volume before allowing curls to fall loosely. Show off natural texture with pride by pairing it with clean fade lines.

The Contemporary Comb Over

The Contemporary Comb Over

The comb over gets a modern makeover just in time for 2024 with longer hair styled high, wide, and voluminous. Follow your stylist’s expert lead during the cut itself to tailor top length and tapered sides to your face shape for optimal balance.

Blow dry hair swept dramatically upward and to one side from the root using a round brush. Set the lift with medium hold pomade, perfecting sideswept shaping. Bold yet refined.

The Mid-Length Textured Crop

The Mid Length Textured Crop

Not too long yet not too short, the textured crop hitting just around chin length is an adaptable go-to for 2024. With texturizing products like sea salt spray, style strands swept slightly across the forehead for dimensional texture and movement.

The beauty of this medium length cut is versatility. Wear hair messy one day then style it neat the next. Crop it a bit shorter on sides for a more polished vibe or grow it out longer for added edge. This cut morphs to suit your style needs.

The Slicked Back Mid-Length Look

The Slicked Back Mid Length Look

Who says only short hairstyles can look slicked back and dapper? Take wet or damp hair and slick all strands cleanly backward with a strong pomade using a comb.

Aim for a smooth, shiny finish from roots to ends, keeping mid-length and longer pieces looking disciplined and controlled. This style exudes sophistication for gents who want a polished appearance when wearing their hair at medium length.

The Messy Mid-Length Fringe

The Messy Mid Length Fringe

On the other end of the spectrum, messy fringe remains fashionable for men wanting low-fuss 2024 hairstyles. Let bangs graze eyebrows in front with shorter sides and textured layering throughout mid-lengths.

Bend, twist, and scrunch mousse or texturizing gum through damp hair before air drying for optimal nonchalance. Run fingers back through fringe pieces as needed, allowing them to fall loosely and naturally for the perfect “out of bed” look.

Additional Styling Tips for Medium Length Hair

Whether you opt for a slick and refined medium length style or a more unkempt windswept look, proper styling is key to keeping your ‘do looking its best.

Here are some useful styling tips to help you make the most of your medium length locks:

Master volume-boosting techniques. Since gravity weighs down longer hair, fight the flatness by blow drying strands with volumizing mousse using a round brush. Lift hair up at the roots while drying.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with parts. Middle parts, deep side parts, zig-zag parts—get creative! Sections that seem minor can drastically change the whole look.

Tame flyaways. Lightly coat hands with a tiny bit of pomade or gloss cream, then gently pat down frizzy hairs around the hairline and top to keep everything neatly in place.

Enhance texture. Add definition and movement to medium length cuts by scrunching texturizing spray or sea salt spray into damp hair before air drying or diffusing. Embrace natural texture!

Play with layers. Long layers, chopped fringe, wispy pieces framing the face—strategic layering boosts dimension and versatility. Consult your stylist.

Take advantage of hold products. Re-shaping and re-styling are easier for medium length cuts when you apply enough pomade, wax, gel, or setting spray to maintain the style all day long without drooping.

Don’t forget the details. Precisely trimmed necklines and clean fade details make medium length hair appear intentionally styled instead of shaggy. Schedule regular shape-ups.

As you can see, medium length hair grants today’s men ample options for looking stylishly on-trend in 2024. From razor sharp fades to natural texture to volumized height, medium locks check off all the boxes.

Hopefully the hairstyles highlighted here offer inspiration for gents considering a mid-length cut or hoping to enhance an existing ‘do. Always communicate closely with your barber or stylist to craft custom shapes, layers, and details tailored just for you.

Whichever route you take, embrace bolder styles with confidence and take good care of those mane manes, gents! After all, versatile medium length hair deserves the very best.

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